The Fix Your Fatigue ® Gold Program

The Step-by-Step Process that Every Exhausted Human Being Needs to Follow to Rocket Past Fatigue​ in 6 Months or Less Naturally WITHOUT Prescriptions, Stimulants, Caffeine or Energy Drinks​

The Fastest Way to Create Unlimited Energy and Achieve Success in Every Aspect of Your Life

A Step-By-Step Proven System

People who resolve their fatigue have discovered how to do one thing that the others have not...they have hacked TIME by following a PROVEN SYSTEM. 


When you follow a proven system, you know exactly where you need to focus, you have more predictability in your energy, you what your next steps will be and you know how to deal with any adversity that comes up. 


Finding the right mentor who has achieved the success you want, who has a proven track record of helping others get there, and who is someone you are aligned with and appreciate as an individual…is the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be with the LEAST amount of WASTED TIME and MONEY.


Introducing the Proven

4 Step Process

​The Best Way to Resolve Your Fatigue

The Fix Your Fatigue ® Program was created based on years of research and discovery. It works best as a 4 step process in this order:  


1. ASSESS all of the causes

2. REPLACE all of the deficiencies

3. OPEN up the detoxification pathways

4. REMOVE all of the toxicities


Don't recreate the wheel...take my 10+ years of experience resolving fatigue and take the shortcut to the finish line. 

It was only through resolving my own fatigue and helping thousands of others resolve theirs that this process became clear to me. 



    Resolve all of the causes of your fatigue and wake up feeling well rested and ready for your day. You can't wait to get the day started!


    Now you can be the high achiever that others are jealous of! With great energy, you can accomplish whatever you want in life!


    Have the energy to manifest what you want in your life and in your career so you can spend your days doing what you love. 


    Imagine what you can do for your business and career when you have unlimited energy? Sky's the limit! Get back the $32k per year that you're losing from low productivity from having fatigue.  

"My energy was a 3/10. Since completing Dr. Hirsch’s program, my energy is now a 9/10!”

"I had a lot of fatigue. I would come home from work and lay down, then get up and have dinner, then go back to bed. I was running a business with 30 employees and couldn't handle the stress. I had seen doctors and business coaches, but nothing helped. My energy was a 3/10. Since completing Dr. Hirsch’s program, my energy is now a 9/10! I can handle stress at work. I can enjoy the time outside of work with my kids. I love that you have a system that I knew was going to work (since it had worked in others). I just had to follow it.”


- Christy


  • (3) 1-ON-1 Visits With Dr. Evan with Unlimited Secure Messaging ($4,500)

    Let Dr. Evan be your accountability partner and help you craft the perfect plan for your success​

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    And join us for twice monthly GROUP LIVE Q&As with Dr. Evan to get your questions answered face-to-face!

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  • (6) 1-ON-1 Visits With Our Nervous System Retraining Coach ($1,800)

    Let us help you transform any negative emotional patterns that are hindering your progress and success

  • The Fix Your Fatigue ® Online Program & Workbook  ($4,997)


  • PDF of the latest edition of my book ($20)

  • 5% Supplement Discount ($800)

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(or $1,297/mo for 6 months)


That's 64% off!

"I love the Q&As. They are a real highlight for me on a number of levels. I actually get to see and hear my fellow group members so I don't feel like I am alone in this journey. They ask such amazing questions that would never occur to me to ask, so I learn so much helpful information that has helped me adapt the way that I do some of the aspects of this program. the sessions hold me accountable as I feel I need to make progress and effort between sessions. Finally I also get to ask questions, which is amazing. The result is that I make much better and happier progress with the Q&A sessions."


- Elizabeth





"I was a Bartonella nightmare...I had really poor quality sleep. I had very intense joint achiness everywhere. It was in my neck, my knees, and my lower back. I had a lot of muscle cramps and random wrist pain and other random pains all over the place. I had pretty intense food allergies. Then I also got really tired. I was more tired than I had ever been in my entire life, so I knew something was I have no more palpitations, insomnia, anxiety attacks or muscle cramps...Energy is much better and I sleep like a baby. My neck feels great, my knees feel great.  I was a runner and athlete and the joint pain that came on really, really took a tremendous toll on my athletic abilities. I'm able to hike and run without problems now. I feel like working out again, which makes me happy.""




"I felt tired a lot of the time and had a tired achy cloud hanging over me on a daily basis... I was having trouble sleeping. I might get one or two hours of sleep (per night) always waking very tired. Then I started Dr. Hirsch’s program... (now) I awake refreshed in the morning. I'm ready to face my day. I have the energy and a more positive outlook as well. I feel more resilient. I sleep better at night and I'm having regular sleep cycles. I have not had a single allergy event since I started the Fix Your Fatigue ® Program with Dr. Hirsch."





"I had 15-20 years of struggles.... extremely low energy that would take me days to recover from... now energy is much better..... the testing that you recommended provided information that nobody else had given me.. I just returned from my trip to Italy and hiking up some of those hills. I felt like I was in much better shape even than some of my younger colleagues were!"





"I was tired a lot...but now I've gone walking up to seven miles in a day. Now I can do more and I have an attitude of wanting to do more.  Since beginning the Fix Your Fatigue ® Program, I would say my energy is 8 out of 10 (10 is ideal). I'm also sleeping like a baby."




"When I first started the Fix Your Fatigue ® program, my energy level was a 2-3/10. I was depressed and not feeling well at all. It had been going on for 15 years and was worse the last 4 years. I had seen multiple doctors without improvement. My energy is now an 9/10! I'm so impressed that through the program, I was able to understand what was going wrong in my body and able to fix it.  I am so grateful.





"I had a lot of fatigue. I was tired. I would come home from work and lay down, then get up and have dinner, then go back to bed. I was running a business with 30 employees and couldn't handle the stress. I had seen doctors and business coaches, but nothing helped. My energy was a 3/10. Since the Fix Your Fatigue ® Program, my energy is much better. I can handle stress at work. I can enjoy the time outside of work with my kids. My energy is now a 9/10. 


“When I first started Dr. Evan’s program I had many undiagnosed symptoms that mainstream medicine was calling Rheumatoid Arthritis. My energy was 1/10 (with 10 being ideal energy). I would work all week and sleep all weekend. I couldn’t walk without a walker or a cane, I couldn’t carry my own purse, I was in chronic pain and it took me 40 mins to get out of bed in the morning. Dr. Evan’s program found infections and heavy metals at the root of my problems. Slowly and carefully I removed these causes. I am single and was working a high stress job, so needed to continue working while I was going through treatment. The treatment was supportive and enabled me to work and get better. I now have energy of 7-8/10 everyday and my energy doesn’t crash at 3pm anymore. I have no more pain and I’m actually able to workout! I was even able to take on a new job that is more demanding and more lucrative. My life is night and day compared with how I was before I began Dr. Evan’s program. I really like that it uses natural treatments primarily. Thank you Dr. Evan for giving me my life back!”


“When I first joined the program, my sleep was awful and I had chronic fatigue! I was only sleeping a few hours per night. I had fatigue, anxiety and severe hopelessness. I didn’t think I was ever going to get better. I had lots of weird symptoms – chest pain, sweating, stomach issues, tightness in the stomach, no appetite (I had lost 45 lbs), numbness and hot/cold in both feet and hands. The program found the causes! I found that I had several infections (including bartonella and babesia), heavy metals, poor adrenal and sex hormone function. Now, my life is so much better! 180 degree difference. I am sleeping through the night. I have all the energy I want during the day and my appetite is back. I am sooo much better and without drugs! Socially I am also doing much better. When I didn’t feel well, I isolated myself. Now, I’m more involved with my family, I can travel again and my quality of life is much, much better. It’s a blessing to wake up every day and think ‘I feel good!’ instead of feeling hopeless. I would highly encourage everyone with fatigue (and my associated symptoms above) to join one of Dr. Evan's programs. Dr. Evan is getting at the causes instead of putting a band aid on it. He took away the hopelessness and gave me so much gratitude!”


"My energy was a 3/10 when I started Dr. Hirsch’s program. Now it is an 8/10. I have doubled the number of clients that I'm able to see. I can manage a complicated office practice. I think the testing for heavy metals and molds (mycotoxins) were really helpful because they were so concrete. But the best thing I would say of working with you was that I knew that you really understood what it was like to have fatigue. I knew I could be completely honest and tell you when I was struggling, if I had a problem finding words, and you were very, very tolerant and it was a normal thing. I was not a strange bird. I was someone who just had an illness. So that was very helpful.

Meet The Doctor

Evan H. Hirsch, MD
The Fatigue Coach

  • Creator of the Fix Your Fatigue ® Programs & 10-year expert in resolving fatigue -- having done so for myself and thousands of others

  • The #1 best selling author of the book, Fix Your Fatigue: The 4 step process to resolving fatigue, achieving abundant energy and reclaiming your life

  • Speaker on 30+ stages, podcasts & summits in the last 2 years

  • Specialist in helping EXHAUSTED human beings unlock UNLIMITED ENERGY so they can achieve new levels of SUCCESS in every aspect of their lives

  • On a mission to help 1 million people resolve their fatigue

  • Singer, musical lover, dancer, traveler, father & husband

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the program once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Is the program interactive and can I ask Dr. Evan questions?

Do I have to use a desktop computer to watch the training? 

Does this program work for children with fatigue?

Will this program work for other medical problems (besides fatigue)?​

Your program definitely looks like it has helped lots of people, so why haven't other doctors heard of it?​

Your program is about "fatigue". How does "fatigue" related to "chronic fatigue" and "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS)? Can CFS be treated with your program?​

How long will it take me to feel better?​

Can I use my recent laboratory tests?

Do I have to get laboratory tests to be successful in this program?

Will your program work for me even if I'm not in the United States?

Can I take this program at the same time as seeing my local practitioner?

The 4 Step Process


This is where you will find out how the course is laid out, how to be successful in the course, and starting your daily mindset practice.  

  • How to Be Successful in the Program
  • Your Daily Mindset Practice
  • The Causes of Fatigue & The 4 Steps
  • Sensitive to Supplements?Watch this 

Step 1: Assess

Finding all of the causes of your fatigue is pivotal to being successful in resolving it!

  • How to Assess the Causes of Fatigue
  • Decide What Lab Tests to Get
  • The 1 Lab Test That You DEFINITELY Need
  • Assess ALL of Your Deficiencies
  • Assess ALL of Your Toxicities
  • Assess What Causes You Have Based on Your Symptoms

Step 2: Replace

Once you find the causes, the next step is to get you as strong as possible in preparation for step 4, removing the toxicities. 

  • Replace Adrenals
  • Replace Thyroid
  • Replace Estrogen
  • Replace Progesterone
  • Replace Testosterone
  • Replace Vitamin B12 & Folate
  • Replace Vitamin D
  • Replace Magnesium
  • Replace Iron
  • Replace Mitochondria
  • Replace Sleep
  • Replace Water
  • Replace Good Food
  • Replace Neurotransmitters
  • Replace Movement & Exercise

Step 3: Detox

To remove the toxicities in step 4, you have to make sure all of your detoxification pathways are open. 

  • Open Up Your Intestinal Pathway
  • Open Up Liver Pathways
  • Open Up Kidney Pathways
  • Open Up Lymphatic Pathways
  • Open Up Brain Lymphatic Pathways
  • How to Open Up These Pathways and In What Order

Step 4: Remove

Definitely the most profound step, step 4 is the reason why the other steps must be followed. All in preparation for removing the toxicities that are really the crux of your problem. 

  • Remove Heavy Metals
  • Remove Chemicals
  • Remove Molds From Your Body and Environment
  • Remove Stealth, Intestinal, Sinus & Dental Infections (& LDI)
  • Remove Food & Inhaled Allergies
  • Remove Negative Emotions (Emotional Barriers)
  • Remove EMFs
  • Remove Constipation


Putting it all together and understanding how everything is related. 

  • Putting it all together


PDF of the latest version of my best selling book 

($20 VALUE)

5% OFF ALL supplements from our store

($800 VALUE)

15+ Hours of Live Q&A recordings

($1000 VALUE)

Lifetime access to the Fix Your Fatigue ® Private Community

($2500 VALUE)


($500 VALUE)

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